20 02 2010

We all said our goodbyes to Per – he needed to get back to Norway so that he could rescue the procurement department of Coca Cola from imminent bankruptcy – and got some taxis to the Buquebus terminal.

I was really chuffed when I discovered that there was free WiFi on the ferry so I managed to organize some rooms at the Posada del Flor (as recommended by both the Lonely Planet and Footprint) en route. It was about 65US$ a room though so, much to my chagrin, we first had to wander around Colonia for miles to see if we could find somewhere reasonable for a cheaper price.

Eventually we stuck with the original plan and stayed at the Posada (although we did manage to bargain the rooms down a little). Jola had left her new umbrella in the side of her rucksack but when she’d got her bag off the baggage carousel it was no longer there. Perhaps someone had decided to remove it in the interests of taste.

Jola and I were having lunch just down the street from our hotel when Zoran and Gordana walked past, so they stopped to chat for a bit before continuing their exploration. In the afternoon we wandered around the old town – it was really cute with lots of old cars (engines probably long gone) parked all over the place. Uruguay was really cool; after the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires it seemed really relaxed.

The streets of Colonia del Sacremento

Once back at the hotel we spoke to Kaśke who informed us that there was an hour’s time difference from Buenos Aires. We hadn’t realised this and hoped that Zoran was better informed – otherwise they’d probably miss their ferry and no doubt there would be fireworks as he castigated one official after another.

After checking out the weather for Montevideo and Punta del Este (rain the next few days; hardly worth heading to the beach) we decided to curtail our trip and head straight back to Buenos Aires the next day. This was even more pertinent for Kaśke since she discovered that Lufthansa were going on strike and her flight back to Zürich was in serious jeopardy. She had lots of phone calls with both Lufthansa and her husband to see if it was possible to organise an earlier flight but it was very difficult to contact them.

We went down to the ferry terminal to get some tickets for the next day and then went to the Blanca y Negra restaurant for dinner. We chose this one because they played live jazz on the weekend. The music was really good but they didn’t play long enough for my liking. After a few more beers in the restaurant we decided to call it a night and headed back to the hotel.